Have You Suffered An On-The-Job Injury?

In Gloucester County and throughout New Jersey, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to certain benefits to cover the costs of medical treatment and other financial repercussions of the injury. However, obtaining those benefits can be more difficult than you may realize.

After an injury at work, you need an attorney who can help you file for workers' compensation benefits and pursue appeals if necessary to obtain the benefits you deserve. Attorney Bob Freidel has extensive experience asserting the rights of employees injured at work. Serving clients throughout Salem, Camden, Cumberland and Gloucester counties, he and his experienced legal team are devoted to protecting employees' rights throughout the state.

Experienced Help Following Workplace Accidents

A workplace injury can occur anywhere, whether you work on the factory floor or in an office chair. We have successfully helped workers rebuild their lives after being injured in construction accidents, factory accidents and office settings, among other locales. With our help, our clients have received:

  • Accommodations at work
  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary compensation for wage loss during recovery
  • Awards for permanent injury

What If My Injury Wasn't Caused By An Accident?

Your injury may have been sudden or gradual. In many jobs, repetitive motions like typing or heavy lifting can lead to debilitating injuries to the back, shoulder or wrists. Regardless of how you were injured at work, you have the exact same right to financial compensation under New Jersey's workers' compensation laws. Based on our experience, we know how to maximize your financial recovery following a repetitive motion injury.

What If My Claim Was Denied?

We find that some employers and their insurance carriers deny valid claims or delay payments to avoid their responsibility to injured workers. We challenge these practices — in court, if necessary — to help injured workers get the treatment and temporary pay benefits they need and deserve.

An Advocate You Can Rely On

Do not hesitate to contact our office after a workplace injury. To preserve all of your legal options, schedule a free case evaluation with lawyer Bob Freidel by calling 856-228-8626 or emailing our office.